The Know Your Neighbor Project


neıghbor slıder


The Know Your Neighbor Project aims to bring neighbors together, establish friendships, and strengthen the community as a whole. It is a simple idea open to anyone who wishes to participate, and can be adapted to fit any needs. The goal is to recognize those individuals we see every day and establish a connection to create a more caring, welcoming environment. This can be as involved as organizing a BBQ or as simple as inviting someone over for coffee.

If you need help organizing or do not know where to begin, we can help!


 The neighborhood is the solid foundation of the community. Creating a caring, more united neighborly connection strengthens our local communities and society as a whole. It encourages civic action and participation in local activities. The neighborhood network helps us all to overcome the everyday obstacles and challenges we face.


This is just a sample guideline to help you get started on your event, be it big or small.


Don’t forget to…


  1. Create a space of equality: all members are respected regardless of profession, faith, culture, etc.
  2. Create a space for inclusivity: Encourage all voices to share and participate, but respect people’s space and a person’s decision to not participate.
  3. Avoid generalizations. Do not substitute labels for complicated realities, avoid arguments, and do not cut-down any group.
  4. Respect differences within one’s tradition and the tradition of others.
  5. Listen, listen, and when there’s nothing left to do, listen. Be curious, its natural, ask respectively.
  6. Include your family. Introduce your children, spouse, etc.


Expectations as Hosts

  • Welcome guests with openness and respect.
  • Make sure to address all of the dietary needs of your guests.
  • Announce a schedule for the evening.
  • Prepare conversation starters ahead of time.
  • Expect yourself to be asked questions, but don’t feel pressured to be an expert.

Expectations as Guests

  • Bring an open mind (and of course it wouldn’t hurt to bring a gift)
  • Communicate any dietary restrictions/preferences
  • Communicate to your host if you are bringing others only after you ask permission from the host.



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