As the Holy Month of Ramadan approaches, Turkish American Society of Missouri and Niagara Foundation would like to invite you to attend a Home-Based Family Iftar Dinner with local Muslim host families.



Fasting is practiced in many religious traditions and spiritual practices. We believe common traditions like shared meals are important opportunities for people from different faith communities to become closer to each other. Ramadan is a holy month that starts on May 5th and during which Muslims fast from the break of dawn to sunset. This month represents a time of fasting, charity, prayer, and unity. Individuals from different religious and cultural communities come together to break fast and engage in friendly dialogue, resulting in a more comprehensive understanding and respect for other religious traditions. In this month, it is customary to invite friends, neighbors and relatives to share the fast-breaking meal. Local Muslim families are inviting you for a dinner as a humble presentation of common ground, friendship and peace. This is not only a chance for you and your family to meet new friends, but also an opportunity to experience a different culture first hand.


This year Ramadan is going to begin on May 5th depending on the moon sighting. We will begin offering the Iftar dinners between May 6th – June 2nd. And due to late sunset time during the summer, these programs will start around 7:45pm and dinner will be served slightly later at sunset.


Since fast breaking meals are a time for loved ones and friends to commune together, the dinners will be hosted at the homes of local Muslims in our community in St Louis. As people join, we will pair them with the families. TASOM will determine the exact families as the spots fill up.

Sign-up Form

Please kindly RSVP here by filling out this form by April 26th. Information about the host family, their address, phone number and professional affiliation will be shared with you as soon as we finalize the family matching process.These dinners are free and welcome to anyone who would like to join, regardless of your faith. You do not need to fast in order to attend these meals. Again, everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend! This is a wonderful experience with delightful food and companions to share a meal with.

For additional information and questions, please contact us.

Fuat Uysal
Family Iftar Dinners Coordinator :: 314-281-3940

Ali Durhan
Director of Outreach & Community Engagement :: 773.629.9460