“Know Your Neighbor” (KYN) initiative aims to create and sustain friendly relationships among people who, without even knowing about it, spend a significant part of their lives within close proximity of each other. In this context, a neighbor is defined as anyone within one’s daily life, such as actual street neighbors, members at the same gym, participants in the same poetry class, etc., as well as the family and friends of these people. The goal of KYN initiative is to recognize those individuals we see every day and establish a connection to create a more caring, welcoming environment. This can be as involved as organizing a breakfast, dinner, BBQ or as simple as inviting someone over for a cup of tea or coffee.

Between December 8 – 17, 2017, participants of KYN initiative will get together to have more meaningful conversations about what matters for us as a community. By learning from each other, we want to celebrate our diversity in a shared society.

If you would like to join a KYN gathering as a host or guest, please reach Ali Durhan at alikdurhan@gmail.com

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