Weekend School

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Why Weekend School?


Weekend School was serving the community in education since 2004 with the support of TAS foundation. Our Weekend School fill this gap and meet the needs of the parents by offering culture and language classes.


The parents enjoy watching the students as they perform on the national and religious days. Being envolved in these kind of activities, helps our children to understand and learn our cultural values better.


We strongly believe that even those children are away from their homeland, they can speak their native language and grow up without loosing their identity.


They learn their own values they will be able to overcome all the social problems, express themselves in the society and be a role model by conducting their values to the next generation.

School Year 2014 – 2015

Registration Fee for Each Child: $50 

Monthly Fee: $30 per month 

Monthly Fee: $20 (From Second Child) 


School Year 2013 – 2014

We are very excited to welcome you to our 2013-2014 Weekend School with the support of TASOM. The Weekend School will emphasize our culture and language in our warm atmosphere with a serious curriculum.

1. Weekend School will be on Saturday we will post on our website the academic calendar and
2. Weekend School hours for boys 9:30-2:30 and for girls 10:00-3:00 due to transportation.
3. Weekend School is open to grades 1-5.
4. The Registration fee is $50 which includes all course books and handouts and subscription to GONCA magazine but the reading homework material which requires an online subscription and a book set which can be ordered from the website antstores.com (we will help to do the subscription and ordering books)
5. Monthly fee is $30-due first Saturday of each month.
6. There is a $10 sibling discount for monthly fee starting on 10/5/2013.
7. Transportation will not be provided
8. Weekend School will take place at TASOM which is located at 664 Lemay Ferry rd., St Louis, MO 63125
9. For more info please contact haftasonuokulu@tasom.org
Thank you for your corporation.


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